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  国际10bet电力控制有限官方网站是国际10bet电机集团有限责任官方网站改制时成立的有限官方网站,专业从事10bet控制产品的设计、生产及管理。集团官方网站成立于1956年,1986年被国家定点为重型燃机生产基地,配套燃气轮机的发电机组及其10bet控 制系统引进英国布拉什(BRUSH)官方网站技术生产,从而成为国内最早生产无刷10bet系统的专业厂家。20多年来,我官方网站在引进英国BRUSH官方网站的同类产品 技术的基础上,消化吸收了他们的全部控制调节、限制保护技术,根据当前市场需求,特别是满足低热值发电设备运行特点和控制要求,开发出了适合我官方网站的三机 同轴旋转的同步发电机无刷10bet系统,自并励静止10bet系统。10bet系统生产经历了MAVR自动电压调节器到DVR系列数字式10bet调节器的升级, 先后配套了集团官方网站生产的150MW、135MW、60MW、50MW、40MW、30MW、25MW、20MW、18MW、15MW、12MW、 10MW、6MW、4.5MW、3MW等所有规格、容量、电压等级的燃气轮发电机、10bet发电机、烟气轮发电机近三千台套机组。

     Nanjing Turbine Power Control Co., Ltd. is a company established by Nanjing Steam Turbine Group Co., Ltd. and is specialized in the design, production and management of excitation control products. The company was established in 1956. It was designated as a heavy-duty gas turbine production base by the state in 1986. The gas turbine generator set and its excitation control system were imported from BRUSH, which became the first domestic production of brushless excitation systems. Professional manufacturers. For more than 20 years, based on the introduction of British BRUSH company's technology of similar products, our company has digested and absorbed all of their control and regulation and limit protection technologies. According to the current market demand, in particular to meet the operating characteristics and control requirements of low calorific value power generation equipment, Developed a three-machine coaxial rotary brushless excitation system suitable for our company, self-excitation static excitation system. Excitation system production experienced the upgrade of MAVR automatic voltage regulator to DVR series digital excitation regulators. It has successively supplied 150MW, 135MW, 60MW, 50MW, 40MW, 30MW, 25MW, 20MW, 18MW, 15MW, 12MW, produced by the company. 10MW, 6MW, 4.5MW, 3MW and other specifications, capacity, voltage level of gas turbine generators, turbo-generators, flue gas turbine generators nearly 3,000 sets of units.