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S43 E9, Tom Silva discusses framing tools with Kevin O’Connor

S43 E9: Focus on Framing

We witness an exterior wall framed on the ground and raised into place. The crew learns about the history of framing tools and talks about recessed lighting and electrical panels. Then, three laminated veneer lumber beams replace an old ridge beam.

S43 E10, Jenn Nawada and Maria Wheeler discuss landscaping

S43 E10: Planting for the Future

In this episode, Tom Silva discusses the use of I-joists and LVL beams. Kevin O’Connor meets with woodworker Paul Grothouse. Then, Kevin and Charlie Silva insulate the original dormers of the house. Later, the landscape designer shares her vision for the front yard.

S43 E8, Charlie Silva and Richard Trethewey map out the plumbing

S43 E8: Roughing It

A bay window is removed and reframed for a new one. An old school is being restored into apartments for veterans. The underside of a deck is the "roof" of the living space below. Pipe locations are discussed.

S43 E7, Mark McCullough shows Kevin O’Connor work on a chimney

S43 E7: Masonry Lessons

In this episode, a block wall is constructed to accept the framing of the addition. The old floor joists are shimmed to make a smooth transition to the new part of the house, and the kitchen designer lays out the kitchen.

S43 E6, pruning a large crabapple tree

S43 E6: Tree Dr. House Call

A Flitch beam is installed on the house. Tree maintenance is performed, and a new footing is poured under the kitchen chimney. Then, the crew explores different heating systems. Kevin tours a high-tech sheathing factory in Georgia.

S43 E5, Tom Silva using a nail gun

S43 E5: Dormer Day

The house gets a new foundation. Natural stone veneers get cut, and the back dormer sees a new beam installed to increase headroom. Then, homeowner Megan and her interior designer look at tile.

S43 E4, Kevin O’Connor and contractor at the foundation

S43 E4: Solid Foundation

The foundation is waterproofed. The team talks about exterior paint colors, and homeowner Megan lends a hand turning the new newel posts. Cape-style homes are discussed. Then, the foundation is braced for backfilling.

S43 E3, Jenn Nawada meets Maria Wheeler to go over the landscape plan

S43 E3: Fix the Foundation

The old foundation gets modified for the new basement. Jenn meets with the landscape designer to discuss the plans for the front yard. On the first floor, Charlie and Tom install a recessed beam.

S43 E2, Tom Silva at the Concord Country Cape project

S43 E2: Saving What We Can

Appliances and radiators are salvaged before the major demolition begins. Outside, an arborist sprays the Hemlock trees to protect from damaging insects. Time to cut off the garage addition.


S43 E1: New England Cape

This 1880 Country Cape started as a small house on a large piece of land but expanded over time. The crew meets the homeowners and tours both inside and outside to learn about the plans.