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S20 E10, Tom Silva helps set up a kids’ workshop

S20 E10: Camilla’s Workshop

Watch as Tom Silva works with a young woodworker to set up a kids’ workshop in her father’s garage. He helps her build a workbench, set it up with tools and handy storage, and then build a birdhouse.

S20 E9, Nathan Gilbert discusses drill/drivers

S20 E9: Drill Drivers, Patio Expansion

In this episode, Nathan explains the options for drill drivers, and Heath describes when and how to use a voltage tester. Then, Mauro shows how to hold a paintbrush, and Mark helps a homeowner extend her existing patio.

S20 E8, the TOH crew raise a new barn for Mark McCullough’s chickens

S20 E8: Raising a Barn

The entire team comes together to help Mason Mark McCullough rebuild the chicken barn he lost to a fire. They reframe the barn, hook up new electrical wiring, connect a utility sink, and hang an exterior door.

S20 E7, Mauro Henrique paints a kitchen cabinet

S20 E7: Fall Garden Tips, Paint Cabinets

Jenn shares how to put a garden to bed before winter; Mauro demonstrates how to paint a kitchen cabinet; Nathan installs exterior front door trim.

S20 E6, Tom Silva reshingles a shed roof

S20 E6: Easier Plumbing, Roofing 101

In this episode, Mason Mark McCullough explains how bricks are made and how many different varieties there are. Then, Plumbing & Heating Expert Richard Trethewey explains how solderless connections work, and General Contractor Tom Silva assesses and reshingles a shed roof with asphalt shingles.

S20 E5, Ross Trethewey discusses smart doorbells with Kevin O’Connor

S20 E5: Smart Doorbells, Recessed Lights

Ross discusses the pros and cons of smart doorbells; Mauro demonstrates techniques for painting wood paneling; Heath shares some of his most-used tools and helps a homeowner install recessed lights.

ASK This Old House Skate Rink, Season 20, Episode 4

S20 E4: Wood Floors, DIY Ice Rink

Mauro demonstrates how to remove dried paint from a paintbrush; Tom shares the best techniques for connecting and installing tongue and groove flooring; Jenn and Nathan build a DIY ice rink.

S20 E3, Jenn Nawada with ground cover

S20 E3: Hole Patches, Threshold Repair

Jenn discusses creative options for ground cover plants; Tom demonstrates different techniques for patching wall holes; Mark explains how to patch brick holes; Nathan installs a new threshold.

S20 E2, Jenn Nawada goes over plants for a high-traffic landscape

S20 E2: Durable Landscape, Cutting Board

Richard explains the options for water heaters; Jenn creates a landscape that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic; Tom and Kevin build a cutting board out of walnut, cherry, and maple.

S20 E1, Nathan Gilbert builds deck stairs

S20 E1: Two-Prong Outlet, Deck Stair Railing

Richard discusses pipe soldering; Heath explains what two-prong receptacles are, why they’re no longer to code, and how to replace them; Nathan and Mauro build, install, and paint deck stair railings.